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  • 30 Dec 2022 6:00 PM | Gelandesprung Web Architect (Administrator)

    Happy December members!

    Hard to believe that it’s the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend. I just hung up my bow and rifle and hunting boots today. At that time, I took down my ski equipment and began looking to the season.

    First on my mind is our Holiday Celebration. Our Social Chair has arranged for another wonderful reception at The Woods and those details are available later in this issue. We do ask for your RSVP to alert the Wood’s staff as to our needs to ensure you have a great time. Please submit your reservation today.

    We do have some Midwest trip options for you which are getting only a lukewarm reception. We have planned these trips based upon having maximum participation to keep costs low and packed with value. As times are changing, we are seeing less interest in these styles of trips. If you are planning to go and appreciate these Midwest trips please let us know by signing up today. A continued lack of interest may prompt further change. More trip information is in this issue.

    We have opened the trip to Utah which, as expected, has gone over very well. At last check, just before the holiday, we were within striking distance of our maximum capacity. Those who submit registrations should get a confirmation email from our Treasurer. Frank has included information in this newsletter regarding trip insurance and other topics of interest you may find relevant to your vacation.

    Happy holidays all!

    Think SNOW!
    Ski ya! 


  • 30 Nov 2022 6:00 PM | Gelandesprung Web Architect (Administrator)

    Good day Gelandesprungers!

    I am very pleased to share with you great, long overdue news which you have been eagerly waiting for.

    After a lot of hard work & perseverance in the 2-minute drill, we have successfully finalized our Utah trip details! Now, maybe the Packers will take a hint and do the same!

    We apologize for the delay in the release of this information and appreciate your cooperation and support.

    Please read this newsletter for the trip details.


    Ski you soon,


  • 31 Oct 2022 6:00 PM | Gelandesprung Web Architect (Administrator)

    Hello and welcome to fall, 2022! I am sure that I’m not the only one reading this that is looking outside at the fall colors and beginning to daydream of powder days.

    I assure you that the Board has the same thought and will be speaking at our banquet on October 7 about our options. During that time, we will discuss, in greater detail, the trips and pricing. We will also be speaking about the challenges we are being faced with in planning our trips, namely Utah. One of the largest culprits is working with the airlines and attempting to get seats. We don’t have all those details yet and are going to hold off opening the trip a bit longer than usual. It is probable that registration will begin in November. Seeing as this will be a March trip, the delay still provides everyone ample time to plan. When we have the details, an eblast will commence and information will follow in subsequent newsletters!

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.

    Ski you later,


  • 30 Sep 2022 6:00 PM | Gelandesprung Web Architect (Administrator)

    Hello G’sprungers and welcome to another edition of my monthly mindless dribble which I hope you enjoy!

    The nice thing about this time of year is the changing season and the fact that enough stuff is happening that I have worthwhile information to share. I’d like to start with a few updates about spring elections and end with the ski season.

    At our next Spring banquet, we will be electing President, Social Chair and Secretary. I am pleased to share that Tom Piette will run for President and a relatively new member, Mark Heintzkill, will be on the ballot as your new Social Chair. We are still seeking candidates for Secretary as Tom Piette will be on the ballot for President. We would like additional folks to run for each of these positions and ask that you raise your hand early so we don’t have to twist it at election time.

    As for the real reason we are here: skiing! Trips are coming together for both out-West and Midwest. There a few more details necessary to solidify before we have anything official for you. Our hope is the trip list is enough detail to block out your calendars and get your finances in order. Hopefully you won’t have to break a piggy bank or rob a 401k to join us.

    Last but not least, please submit your Fall Banquet RSVP so that we may plan properly. That is all for now.

    Thank you, gang!
    Ski you soon!

  • 30 Aug 2022 6:00 PM | Gelandesprung Web Architect (Administrator)

    Well it is August and we all continue to stay busy in the off season. Just recently Rita Delveaux organized a social outing with biking to a local vineyard that was well attended. In a few weeks Ron and Jackie Quick will once again host a BBQ and bike ride. Our social chair is putting the final touches on the Annual Fall Banquet and will be looking for your RSVP here very soon! I am also pleased to say that our Midwest trip committee has some new ideas, providing you some additional variety to your season.

    Our Western trip committee is in the process of finalizing the trip costs for Utah next March. I’m very pleased with contributions each person has made in these endeavors these past few months and extend a sincere Thank You to everyone on and off the Board alike for everything you’re doing! Please continue to read this and upcoming issues closely for details as they become available.

    I also want to remind you that we are actively seeking individuals interested in serving on the Board next season whom will be voted in at the Spring Banquet. On the ballot is President, Social Chair and Secretary.

    It’s July 31, 2022 with a projected high of 85. It’s hard to say this yet I feel it is an appropriate closing for this month’s ramble! Think snow!

    Your leader in going downhill,


GELANDESPRUNG MEANING ge·län·de·sprung a jump, usually over an obstacle, in which one plants both poles in the snow in advance of the skis, bends close to the ground, and propels oneself chiefly by the use of the poles.

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