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  • 31 Aug 2021 6:01 PM | Adam Hanson (Administrator)
  • 31 Aug 2021 6:00 PM | Adam Hanson (Administrator)

    Life on Adam's Street

    Hello everyone!

    By now, you have probably perused our upcoming trip schedule and are thinking about shredding it with your ski cohorts, as I sure am!  We would appreciate it if a few folks would volunteer as a trip leader or serve as an assistant.  Our trips are priced on maximum capacity to keep costs low because our bus is our biggest fixed expense.  It is important to fill these trips as early as possible so we can monitor the budget and run a successful trip. Please submit those registrations right away.  

    Last month I announced that this spring Brian Mudd and Brian Fowle are stepping down from their roles as Treasurer and Vice President.  We would like to identify members now who are interested in running for these spots at our spring election.  Please see any Board Member if you are interested.  

    In October, we are returning to in-person banquets, and look forward to seeing as many of you as possible!   More details are included in this newsletter including your registration form.  Now more than ever your advanced RSVP is crucial, as we want to provide The Woods as much advanced notice as possible to make sure they have the appropriate table settings and food.  Please register today if you plan to attend.

    To intentionally sound like a proverbial broken record, do not forget your membership forms either!  


    Ski you soon!  


GELANDESPRUNG MEANING ge·län·de·sprung a jump, usually over an obstacle, in which one plants both poles in the snow in advance of the skis, bends close to the ground, and propels oneself chiefly by the use of the poles.

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