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President's message for May 2023

31 May 2023 6:00 PM | Gelandesprung Web Architect (Administrator)

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Piette’s Post

I have enjoyed being a part of the Gelandesprung Board for years. Throughout this time, I have worked with Board members doing their best to meet the interests of our members. I am honored by the trust you have placed in me to be President for the next two years. I will do my best to meet your expectations and to provide value and fun with our Club Activities. I have big shoes to fill following Julie Steltz and Adam Hanson who served as President during my time on the Board. Each of them was dedicated to having a great club for our members. Please also welcome Pia Heldt as Secretary and Mark Heintzkill as Social Events Coordinator.

Our club has dealt with the pandemic, high transportation cost, and worker shortages over the last three years. Notably, the weekday trips to Brule stopped working as soon as the pandemic hit and it did not rebound this year. Yet, we have succeeded with western trips to Big Sky in 2022 and Salt Lake (4 resorts of POWDER!!!) in 2023. We also had a wonderful bus trip to Afton Alps and Welch Village this year. It was a lot of fun for me to visit so many new places along with an old favorite. Feedback from trip participants indicated that most other people had a similar experience.

With normal travel returning, our Western Trip Committee is currently in the process of receiving quotes for our trip locations during the next two seasons. We will be making a choice in the coming weeks regarding next year’s trip. Having a ski-in/ski-out location is our goal for at least the next couple of seasons. The Western committee includes Ron Quick (Chair), Frank Wickham, Tom Piette, Heidi Janowski and Kevin Klasen. Our Midwest committee led by Scot Wederquist, along with Brian Mudd, Kevin Klasen, Luanne Glielmi, Pia and Phil Heldt, will be meeting soon to plan for next winter. Feel free to share your ideas with any one or all of us at any time.

People attending our Spring Banquet were provided the opportunity to provide feedback to our Board with a survey. If you did not attend the Banquet and you would like to provide your comments, please request a survey from Pia Heldt, secretary@gelandesprung.orgFinally, please congratulate Brian Fowle for being the recipient of our Dick Wortiska Service Award for his exceptional service. Our club is successful through the efforts of our volunteers. Participation is rewarding. We get to know and become friends with more of our members and we enjoy the activity. I encourage you to consider becoming involved.


GELANDESPRUNG MEANING ge·län·de·sprung a jump, usually over an obstacle, in which one plants both poles in the snow in advance of the skis, bends close to the ground, and propels oneself chiefly by the use of the poles.

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