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    September Newsletter (Click Here)

    Piette’s Post

    I hope you have had a great summer. We have a few activities that I want to bring to your attention as we head into autumn. 

    First, Skigroup’s on-line sign-up system has worked out great for us so far. I have heard compliments from our older members about how simple the system is to use.  Mistakes are easily resolved as well by calling Skigroup directly. 

    We will have a big group of skiers at Big White and we are closing in on the maximum number of people for our flights.  Sign up now if you want to join us.  See the newsletter for details. 

    Big White (and Sun Peaks) are in the Okanagan Valley.  Check out the Post about the valley at . 

    We also have the Fall banquet coming up October 6.  Consistent with the results of our survey at the spring banquet, we are considering options for a different dinner or dinners.  Check the newsletter for more information.  We will also plan to start sign up for our Midwest trip at this meeting.

    The annual Quick Bicycle ride is scheduled for September 23.  It will depart from and return to Silarian Vineyards in Cato.  The ride will be similar terrain to previous rides.  It is always a ton of fun. Check out the newsletter for details on this as well.

    Finally, the full Board continues to meet at 6:00 PM the second Tuesday each month at The Woods.  Everyone is welcome at these meetings. 

    See you later,


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    August Newsletter (Click Here)

    Piette’s Post

    I’m starting with a review of some of the significant topics covered in the survey people filled out during the Spring Banquet, then I will move on to new information regarding our trip to Big White.

    Survey Highlights:

    Everyone that attended the Spring Banquet was provided an opportunity to share their opinions and ideas by filling out a survey.  The response to this was very good.  Thank you to everyone for helping the full Board to understand your preferences.  I will briefly comment on several of the highlights, especially those related to skiing and other activities.  Pia Heldt will share other survey results at a later date.

    With respect to skiing, the preference for ski-in/ski-out lodging came through loud and clear by being the highest approval rating for any of the questions.  It is also clear from the survey that people love going back to places they like.  Sun Peaks and Telluride had the highest scores for favorite North American destinations.  Aspen, especially Snowmass, Lake Tahoe and Vail were close behind in the rankings.  Searchmont, Lutsen and Whitecap were identified as favorite locations in the Midwest.

    We also had a question about the food that is offered for our banquets.  Many people stated that they were okay with anything because the reason for attending is to see the people.  I agree.  Yet, 23 people favored a more upscale meal versus 6 people stating that they preferred we continue with the family style meals.  We will work with The Woods to identify alternatives as we go forward.

    Big White:

    It is to your advantage to stay current with our planning process for Big White. You may sign up online starting August 28th, and send your check in no sooner than September 1. The reason for having an early signup is to take advantage of the favorable exchange rate.  We will be posting significant information before the September newsletter comes out so that you will be ready for the signup.  A signup date will be approved at the next Board meeting.  The date will be quickly communicated to everyone via the web page ( and the “Gelandesprung Ski Club” Facebook page.

    The final price for the trip will be announced a few days prior to the signup date.  Given that the exchange rate could change quickly, we will be more accurate with setting the correct price for the trip by waiting.  To help you plan, we set the maximum price at $2,200 for the base package of all travel, skiing and lodging, etc.  If the exchange rate does not change much between now and early September, we will be able to set a lower price.   Please read the information carefully.  You also need to verify that your passport will not expire before September 3, 2024.   If it does, you will need to apply to renew your passport immediately and you will probably need to expedite the renewal process. There is more information in this newsletter. 

    Finally, Big White and Sun Peaks are in the Okanagan Valley.  Check out the Post about the valley at or at the Facebook page.  You may also access the link at by clicking on the “Trips” button.


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    July's Newsletter (Click here)

    Piette’s Post

    Summer is a great time for all of us to get outside and enjoy the summer playground we have in Wisconsin. Many of us enjoy water sports, cycling, pickleball, outdoor concerts, golf and other activities. These activities are a great way for us to stay in shape for the coming ski season. Get out and enjoy!

    We had our first member-sponsored cycling event June 10th, at the Wickham’s 11th Annual Bike Ride. We met at the Wickham estate prior to a start in Downtown Sturgeon Bay. The weather was perfect and the ride took us through 25 miles of the beautiful countryside. Our group enjoyed some great beverages and food at Kitty O’Reilly’s after the ride. As always, the Wickham’s hospitality was exceptional. Read more about the ride in the newsletter.

    July 19 will be a great day highlighted by Rita’s ride on the Fox River Trail from Voyager Park to Ledgestone Vineyards & Gnarly Cedar Brewery. This has also been going on for 10 years or more. It is a relatively short ride of only 8 miles to the Vineyard with a good group of your friends. Relaxing at the Vineyard and telling stories with our friends for a couple hours is the highlight of the ride. The trip back, in the dark if you stay late enough, is another great part of the day. Non-riders meet us at the vineyard as well. Read details about it in the newsletter. I hope to see you there! To quote a popular TV show, “winter is coming.” Staying active this summer will help our ski legs to be strong as we are skiing and boarding this winter.

    Finally, we plan to get more information to you this month regarding our trip to Big White next January. Watch for more information to appear on the website ( later in the month. Our sign-up period will be in later August or September. Also note the relatively low altitude that will minimize any altitude effects. See the trip teaser in the newsletter.


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    June's Newsletter (Click here)

    Happy June everyone.  Summer is here and it’s time to play golf, cycle, and think about next year’s skiing locations for all of us.  We are a ski & snowboard club so I’m starting with that.  Both the Western trip and Midwestern Trips are in the planning process at this time.  Ron Quick, Mike Bast and I just returned from the CMSC Trip Seminar.  We learned some good information for the benefit of our club.  I’ll discuss this next month.

    We have chosen Big White as the destination for our next Western adventure.  Although we expect an early sign-up period, a lot of work remains before we will be ready.  You will likely see the information first on our website sometime in July.  See the early teaser information below.  I can tell you that our travel agent told me that we would love the location.

    Scot Wederquist will lead the effort for the Midwest trip again this year.  The Midwest team will convene this month to work through the process to select and organize the trip.  We expect to have the trip planned later in the summer. 

    Now, let’s get back to summer!  We have a good lineup of summer activities for members and non-members that would like to join us.   

    The annual Wickham bike ride in Door County is coming up June 10 at 9:30 AM.  It is open to members and non-members.  You can review information for this in the newsletter.  You can also go to our website ( and click on the “Events” button at the top of the page to review all upcoming events on the calendar or in the column to the left of the calendar.  Note that if you click on the Wickham 11th Annual Bike Ride, you will see details for the ride.

    RIta’s ride on the Fox River Trail to Ledgestone Vineyard and Brewery is scheduled for July 19.  This is pure fun for a short ride to the vineyard and a great visit with friends.  You may click on the button in the calendar for that information.

    Ron and Jackie’s ride will be scheduled later in the summer, likely in September.

    We stopped having the picnic after years of low attendance during the pandemic.  If this is an event you would like to see again, let me know at

    Have a great summer everyone!


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    May's Newsletter (Click here)

    Piette’s Post

    I have enjoyed being a part of the Gelandesprung Board for years. Throughout this time, I have worked with Board members doing their best to meet the interests of our members. I am honored by the trust you have placed in me to be President for the next two years. I will do my best to meet your expectations and to provide value and fun with our Club Activities. I have big shoes to fill following Julie Steltz and Adam Hanson who served as President during my time on the Board. Each of them was dedicated to having a great club for our members. Please also welcome Pia Heldt as Secretary and Mark Heintzkill as Social Events Coordinator.

    Our club has dealt with the pandemic, high transportation cost, and worker shortages over the last three years. Notably, the weekday trips to Brule stopped working as soon as the pandemic hit and it did not rebound this year. Yet, we have succeeded with western trips to Big Sky in 2022 and Salt Lake (4 resorts of POWDER!!!) in 2023. We also had a wonderful bus trip to Afton Alps and Welch Village this year. It was a lot of fun for me to visit so many new places along with an old favorite. Feedback from trip participants indicated that most other people had a similar experience.

    With normal travel returning, our Western Trip Committee is currently in the process of receiving quotes for our trip locations during the next two seasons. We will be making a choice in the coming weeks regarding next year’s trip. Having a ski-in/ski-out location is our goal for at least the next couple of seasons. The Western committee includes Ron Quick (Chair), Frank Wickham, Tom Piette, Heidi Janowski and Kevin Klasen. Our Midwest committee led by Scot Wederquist, along with Brian Mudd, Kevin Klasen, Luanne Glielmi, Pia and Phil Heldt, will be meeting soon to plan for next winter. Feel free to share your ideas with any one or all of us at any time.

    People attending our Spring Banquet were provided the opportunity to provide feedback to our Board with a survey. If you did not attend the Banquet and you would like to provide your comments, please request a survey from Pia Heldt, secretary@gelandesprung.orgFinally, please congratulate Brian Fowle for being the recipient of our Dick Wortiska Service Award for his exceptional service. Our club is successful through the efforts of our volunteers. Participation is rewarding. We get to know and become friends with more of our members and we enjoy the activity. I encourage you to consider becoming involved.


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    April Newsletter 2023 (click here)

    I can’t think of a better final article to generate for you than this one right here following our trip to Utah. I won’t say too much about it as I know we will have a dedicated article later in this issue with all the highlights. Hopefully you will enjoy learning about our new member, Tom “No Ticket” Piette, or our new Band Director and a celebrity Toastmaster, Richard Sarnwick.

    This article began during the tail end of our trip and has been worked on in fits and spurts since our return. I’ve found this has been one of the tougher articles to generate as it’s so bitter sweet. On one hand this is my last article and am confident your new President will perform the job duties to perfection and have no qualms about passing the baton. On the other, I’m reflecting on all that we have done or been through in the decade I’ve served on the Board in either the role of Social Chair or this last 4 years as President. I’ve realized it’s been a lot.

    Along the way we have said goodbye to dear friends of the club, where we walk in their footsteps every day. We have also introduced countless new members through referrals and partnering with the Venture Ski Club. We have gone to some amazing places with unique experiences such as Amtrak across America, Canadian ski adventures and a few times, truly epic ski conditions with fresh snow. We also saw the club successfully emerge and continue to thrive following the pandemic.

    Along the way I’ve met and worked with so many individuals on who knows what topic. As I reflected on all this it once again became crystal clear as to the secret of our club’s success. It’s not the leaders or the places we have been, or plan to go, or things we do. Yet more important, it’s the people. You, the member is what makes this a great organization. There are far too many to be named yet I will say thank you to all. Thank you for being a member, for voicing your opinions, for attending our planned activities and most importantly, putting faith in us, as your Board. Thank you.

    I have said it before and will reiterate this again. Although I am stepping back from the Board, I am hardly leaving the club. I will continue to be an active member and will be chasing the dragon with you, seeking the mythical perfect line. I have, and am fully committed to provide insight and leadership in an advisory capacity as needed. So, I’m far from gone! You will see me here, there, and everywhere moving forward. Maybe I’ll even run a trip or two.

    Once again, thank you all!

    Ski ya later!


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    March Newsletter 2023 (click here)

    Happy Friday post snowpocalvpse 2023!

    I trust that you are all well and have unburied yourself from the storm. As for me, I rode it out in Milwaukee while waiting for a flight to Florida for work. It was really just rain and some ice where I was.

    Now, I’m at my gate, waiting to board, yet, not without my obligatory preflight Starbucks. While I wait, I decided it was an opportune time to write you this month’s article.

    As I write this we have wrapped up a new trip to Minnesota. I had a phone call with Frank while on their way out. Everyone was having a great time. Up next is our much-anticipated Utah trip with nothing but giddy anticipation from me. Did I mention that Tuesday of the trip will be my bday? Looking forward to skiing with you all!

    The Spring banquet is around the corner and I would like to remind you to submit an RSVP! During this year’s event, we will elect new Board Member positions where nominations are open for President, Social and Secretary. Currently, Tom Piette will run for President, and Mark Heintzkill for Social. We don’t have any takers yet for Secretary. Please speak with a Board member about your interest in stepping up. We will also award the annual Dick Wortiska Service Award to our most deserving member(s) who consistently go the extra mile to keep our club running.

    Be sure to read further into this issue for more details on anything I referred to in this issue.

    As I typed the last paragraph, my boarding call came on. Time to scoot!

    Ski ya VERY soon!


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    February 2023 Newsletter (Click Here)

    Greetings all from an Eau Claire, Wi parking lot!

    As I wind down my term as President it’s dawning on me that this is one of my few remaining articles. Although a weird place to be punching this up today while I wait on my next appointment, the timing is perfect. I woke up this morning to a few fresh inches of fluffy POW! What a great inspiration!

    We have had great interest in our new trip this year with Scot Wederquist at the helm arranging the behind-the-scene details. That is to say, he is helping us launch a new trip to Afton Alps in Minnesota, as a mid-week trip option. We are pleased so far with the initial interest as we have enough to justify a deluxe motor coach bus, which we are moving forward with. Last I checked, there was openings, but they are filling fast. Please, to our last-minute stragglers, this is your LAST CALL! Sign up today!

    The club is attempting day trips to Brule where our first trip in January was a bust with virtually no interest. The next one will be in March where we are taking registrations and your decision TODAY is crucial to our planning.

    Our Utah trip is finalized for a week in March which so happens to fall on my birthday. Drinks will be happily accepted. For those whom have been with us; we all know one certain member who seems to have a birthday’s every darn day. Well, I’m really having one and this is not a drill.

    This will be my third time on a trip for my birthday and every time the weather and conditions have been epic, and I expect the same for this trip. I make no promises yet, if you’re at all hoping to get on this as a last-minute addition, call a trip leader today and cross your fingers!

    Well, there you have it members. Ski ya later!

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    January 2023 Newsletter (Click here)

    Happy New Year!                     

    I hope that you all had a safe and wonderful holiday season. I’m sure some of you faithful readers have big New Year’s Resolutions and I wish you well on that journey.   

    As the club embarks into the new year we will be passing off the leadership reigns to whomever is elected as your new President, Social Chair and Secretary. At this time, we have candidates slated for President and Social and are seeking candidates for Secretary. Please contact a Board Member with your questions and more importantly, your volunteering to run for any of the open roles.

    In March we will head to Utah for a week of skiing with a full roster. The planning has been immense with more moving parts than usual. This would not be possible without the extraordinary efforts of our West Committee. Please make it a point to thank them in person as they have truly had to work extra hard on this trip.

    For those of you seeking Midwest trip options, we are pleased to offer a few different choices from day trips to a midweek overnight trip. You are welcome to sign up today and I ask that you read this issue for more details. Registration is important to our planning, plus it tells the Board if it is a trip worth planning again. Should you still not have enough options for trips, please check out the Sly Fox Ski Club which we have a link to on our club website. 

    Ski you soon!


GELANDESPRUNG MEANING ge·län·de·sprung a jump, usually over an obstacle, in which one plants both poles in the snow in advance of the skis, bends close to the ground, and propels oneself chiefly by the use of the poles.

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