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President's message for February 2023

28 Feb 2023 6:00 PM | Gelandesprung Web Architect (Administrator)

February 2023 Newsletter (Click Here)

Greetings all from an Eau Claire, Wi parking lot!

As I wind down my term as President it’s dawning on me that this is one of my few remaining articles. Although a weird place to be punching this up today while I wait on my next appointment, the timing is perfect. I woke up this morning to a few fresh inches of fluffy POW! What a great inspiration!

We have had great interest in our new trip this year with Scot Wederquist at the helm arranging the behind-the-scene details. That is to say, he is helping us launch a new trip to Afton Alps in Minnesota, as a mid-week trip option. We are pleased so far with the initial interest as we have enough to justify a deluxe motor coach bus, which we are moving forward with. Last I checked, there was openings, but they are filling fast. Please, to our last-minute stragglers, this is your LAST CALL! Sign up today!

The club is attempting day trips to Brule where our first trip in January was a bust with virtually no interest. The next one will be in March where we are taking registrations and your decision TODAY is crucial to our planning.

Our Utah trip is finalized for a week in March which so happens to fall on my birthday. Drinks will be happily accepted. For those whom have been with us; we all know one certain member who seems to have a birthday’s every darn day. Well, I’m really having one and this is not a drill.

This will be my third time on a trip for my birthday and every time the weather and conditions have been epic, and I expect the same for this trip. I make no promises yet, if you’re at all hoping to get on this as a last-minute addition, call a trip leader today and cross your fingers!

Well, there you have it members. Ski ya later!

GELANDESPRUNG MEANING ge·län·de·sprung a jump, usually over an obstacle, in which one plants both poles in the snow in advance of the skis, bends close to the ground, and propels oneself chiefly by the use of the poles.

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