South Lake Tahoe Itinerary


In a short time we will be skiing in Lake Tahoe, I can’t wait.  This letter will help get things organized and answer some of the questions you may have.

We will be bussing to O’Hare for the flight to Reno.  The bus will be ready for loading at 12 noon on February 21 at the Wal-Mart in De Pere, the normal place the club uses.  Park on the south end of the building by the garden center.  We will load as quickly as possible and then on the road to Appleton.  Our pick up location is The Bar on Lynndale.  I hope to be there at 12:45.  As usual, the baggage bays will be full, so please plan accordingly and pack light.

I mentioned packing light because we are all on one plane, plus I am sure there will be other skiers beside our group.  That means there will be a lot of baggage, probably more than the plane can hold, so I expect some bags will not make it with us.  Since we are flying out late, our delayed bags will not arrive until Sunday.  Usually the bags they hold back are skis, which means you will be renting for the first day, so why not leave your skis home and rent for the week.  We have a discount worked out with a rental agency at the gondola base for Heavenly, a place you will probably use to go up the mountain in the morning.  The best value is the demo package which is 40% off and you can try 3 different pairs of skis each day.  This price is lower than the regular rental price.  The link is The password can be found in the itinerary sent via email.  Choose Heavenly and the Heavenly Sports Marriott location.

Once we arrive at O’Hare, you will take your luggage to the American check in counter.  Your flight is American 87 leaving at 7:00 PM.  We will arrive in Reno at 9:27 PM.  Please note the time, there has been a flight change, and this is different than what I have told many of you.  American charges for check bags, and this is your responsibility.  The first bag is $25, the second bag is $35, the third bag is $150.  Please pack accordingly, and keep all bags under 50 pounds.  Beside your checked bags, you are allowed a carry on bag which cannot exceed 22 inches in length, 14 inches in width and 9 inches in height and a personal item such as a purse, computer bag, briefcase or a smaller bag that will fit under the seat.  I also recommend checking the American website for the latest baggage information.

Once you arrive in Reno, you will gather your belongings and wait for directions to the bus that will transfer you to Lakeland Village.  Your trip leader will let you know when and where to load the bus.  On the way we will make a shopping stop, so have your shopping list ready.  Try to make the stop as short as possible so we can get to Lakeland Village and get settled in.

I will receive the lift tickets at the time of check in.  You will have to come to my condo to get your tickets.  Please do not make it too late, or else make it early on Sunday morning.  I will also have vouchers good for 15% discount on ski lessons.  There is also a lesson for a group of 6 of approximately the same ability.  You can get good instruction and a tour of the mountain at the same time, because they do not offer meet the mountain tours.

We are staying at Aston Lakeland Village Resort, 3535 Lake Tahoe Boulevard, South Lake Tahoe CA, a large condo complex on the shore of Lake Tahoe.  When we arrive you will check in and a person from each condo will need to scan a credit card.  Then you can get settled into your “home” for the week.  The resort is approximately ¾ of a mile from the casinos and gaming in Nevada.  They have complimentary shuttles to get you around the South Lake Tahoe area.  There is a swimming pool and two hot tubs.  They offer a free continental breakfast each morning.  They have hot and cold cereals, pastries, doughnuts, cottage cheese, yogurt, toaster waffles, hard boiled eggs, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, bagels.  Take this into consideration when doing your grocery shopping.  It is set up on the 3rd floor of the main lodge building.  You can check the condos out on their website.

Sunday is the first day of skiing.  Heavenly is the best option, as it is close and the shuttles are free to this hill, North Star and Kirkwood have a transfer fee of $10 which is not part of the trip price.  The bus to Kirkwood is Monday and Wednesday, North Star is Tuesday and Thursday and a reservation is strongly recommended.  I am setting up a bus to Kirkwood on Monday and North Star on Tuesday.  If you would like to be on either bus let me know as soon as possible so I can get the numbers and reservation.  The fee goes to the treasurer, I do not collect money.  The bus will pick up at 8 AM in the parking lot next to the Front Desk building.  If you would like to ski any other places on other days you will have to make your own arrangements.

Sunday evening there will be a beer and pizza welcome reception from 5 to 7 PM in the Lakeshore room.  People from Lakeland Village will be telling us about the resort and the area around South Lake Tahoe.  Representatives from the hill will also be there to tell us about the mountain, ski lessons, discount lunch vouchers, etc. 

On Tuesday evening we will have the chili cook off contest. This has become very popular and so we will do it again.  Bring your secret recipe and prepare it in your condo and then bring it down to the common area for sampling and voting by the members.  Adam Hanson is in charge of this event and if you are preparing a dish to enter the contest, contact him to be on the roster.  The time and location will be determined once we arrive at Lakeland Village.

On Wednesday we will have a lunch on the hill at Heavenly in the Tamarack Lodge.  The view from there should be gorgeous.  Service will start at 11:30 so please be there shortly before that.  We are having pulled pork sandwiches and French fries, you also receive a coupon good for a domestic beer, house wine or soda.  If you did not get lift tickets or want to take the day off from skiing and want to attend just the lunch I can get you a round trip to the Tamarack Lodge on the gondola for $41, a $9 saving.  Contact me right away so I can get the order in.  Your payment will go to the treasurer.

Thursday is our trip to Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows, your choice.  We have a bus chartered to transport us to Squaw Village.  The bus will pick up at 7:45 AM.  There is a free transfer bus every 30 minutes between Squaw and Alpine Meadows.  At 4:00 PM we will board the bus for the return to Lakeland Village.

On Friday evening is our farewell dinner.   The final details are not all done yet, so I will let everyone know once this is taken care of.  Again the beverages are on your own.    After we eat we will go through the departure information and take care of any unfinished business.  Then the last thing will be the Obtuse award, or if you are a Sly Fox, the Lunar award.  So that means all week long you will have your eyes open so that you can make nominations that night.  With 75 people and a full week there should be some good stories.                                                                                                                                                                                                             

On Saturday morning we will check out of our condos (make sure that any room charges have been cleared) and load up for our trip to the airport and our flight home.  The bus will be available for loading at 5:30 AM.  You are on American flight 1568 leaving at 8:35 AM  arriving Chicago at 2:35 PM.  In Chicago we head to baggage claim, grab our items, board the bus and head for Appleton and Green Bay.

If you are having trouble on the day of our departure, and will have trouble meeting the scheduled times, please call 920-493-7375 and let me know what is happening.  All though there is not a lot that I can do, at least I will know what your situation is and might be able to make some suggestions to ease the situation.

On Tuesday, February 17 there will be a pre-trip meeting at the Woods Golf Course located at 530 Erie Road.  The meeting will start at 7:00 PM and I will be going over the latest trip information.  I will try to answer all the questions that you have at that time.

Thank you, and I am looking forward to seeing you soon.


Your trip leader,

Dick Wortiska