Off-Season Biking for Skiers

Why is biking good for keeping in shape for skiing? First, biking makes you use the quads and core muscles you use skiing, while being easy on the knees.

Second, biking is a great aerobic exercise and, like skiing, bike riding requires short bursts of intensity to raise the heart rate. Running or jogging means maintaining a constant push on the heart rate (not to mention the knees), while biking has some downhill and flat coasting making for a great interval workout.

You don’t need mountains to benefit from biking, but hills will add to the leg workout. You can vary the intensity of your ride through the mechanics of your bike. A bike with three basic range of gears can be used to ease you up the hills and to pace you through the flats.

The best workouts are the ones that won’t make you bored. With a summer goal of keeping skiing muscles tuned and lungs in shape for a day on the slopes, biking offers the opportunity to both explore your world and stay fit.

If you really start to get bored, put the bike on the car and head to a state park or a municipal bike trail. Bike riding has become such a popular activity that most states have designated bike trails with no motorized vehicles allowed.

Even though the breeze you create riding feels cool, you still need to keep yourself hydrated. So, make sure you bring water with you.