President's Message September 2014

Julie's Jive

As Neil Diamond might say, Hot August Nights have turned into September Morn!  Our summer picnic on August 2nd was a smash with about 40 people attending.  The bike ride and golfing in the morning before the picnic began were well attended.   September will bring our Alaskan cruise and a Wednesday night at the Broadway Farmers Market in Green Bay.  Please look for information regarding the Farmers Market on the Website calendar for September 24th. 

September 8th is also the start for the sign-up of Lake Tahoe!  You’ll find the prices of our Mid-west trips have been set.  We’ll have a Day trip to Marquette in December.  A 4-day trip to Lutsen starting Thursday, January 1st with skiing at Spirit Mountain on Sunday when we return, should be a great ski trip.   As always, we have our yearly trip to Boyne that can’t be beat. 

I’d like to give you a couple of updates from our committees:

Family Day-Trip/chair--Julie Steltz:  We will not be pursuing this in our 2014-2015 ski season.  If you would like to be a mentor to younger skiers or have young skiers in your family, please go to The Crew’s website at for more information.  Although the applications and medical forms are somewhat extensive, this is because they are concerned with the welfare of all who join them on their ski trips. 

Editing our Bylaws/chair--Gary Austin:  Gary’s team has started the process of updating our Bylaws.  (The Bylaws currently have the 5th board member as the “past president”, but we had changed that last year by determining that the 5th board member should be the “Social Event Coordinator”.)   Once Gary and his team have everything updated, the Bylaws will be shared with the entire club. 

Updating our Website/chair--Judy Van Caster:  Judy has given Sheri Gardapee the lead on this committee and with her insight, she is enhancing the website.  The committee would like to roll this out for our 45th Anniversary party/Fall Banquet on October 24th.  You may agree with me that for next year’s CMSC (Chicago Metropolitan Ski Council) meeting in May, we will have to nominate Sheri for the best website creator. 

Marketing/chair--Adam Hanson:  Adam’s team is working on ideas to market our club.  A cou-ple of ideas are:  listing our trips in the local papers and upgrading our Gelande’gear.  With Adam leading the charge with this committee, who knows how far this team will take our club—people may know us from coast to coast!! 

Paypal/chair--Jeanine Bosdech:  Jeanine has been pretty busy with bringing in our membership dues, Alaska money and is gearing up for our 45th Anniversary/Fall Banquet and Ski Season.  Once things settle down a little, she will start her investigation of Paypal.              

Have a September to remember! –Julie