President's Message October 2014

Julie's Jive

Bubble, bubble, boil and trouble, our Website has changed, it’s more than subtle! We brewed up some changes such as:

  1. Did you know the membership and waiver forms are now enabled for entering the data before you print?  When opening the form using Adobe Acrobat Reader, you should see the highlighted fields.  Tab to them and enter your information.  You will still have to sign your form after you print. 
  2. Did you know you can add the Gelandesprung events to your personal calendar?  Click the iCal button on the "Calendar" page or "Upcoming Events" in the footer section.  It will guide you through adding the events to your calendar. 
  3. Did you know we now have a tab to a page that includes FAQ’s (frequently asked questions—with their answers)?
  4. Our 45th Anniversary on October 24th should be bewitching!  After dinner, there will be dancing from 9-11pm.  And after that, there will be howling at the moon (just kidding)  :O) 

Have a spooktacular October !!

By the way, what did the doctor say to the witch in the hospital?  You’ll soon be well enough to get up for a spell.