President's message October 2013

Ski season is just around the corner and we’ve already started with a trip sign-up. We had a great response to Breckenridge but there are still a few spots available. This will be a great trip so sign up so you don’t miss out on the fun. The fall banquet is October 25th and will be the day to start signing up for the Midwest trips of Marquette Mountain, Boyne Highlands/Nubs Nob and Searchmont. Remember that you will need a passport for Searchmont and note that the Canadian government has restrictions to those entering their country. Information will be provided to check those restrictions to make sure you don’t have problems at the border.

Jackie and I took a great trip this fall to an area that the club has skied in the past. Do the names Hellroaring Saloon and Whiskey Jack’s ring a bell? They were just a couple of places where we had a cocktail and a bite to eat. We stayed at Whitefish Mountain and Big Sky resort and had a wonderful time. We spent time in Glacier (glad she didn’t push me off any cliffs] and Yellowstone national parks. Both were breath taking and beautiful. We also zip-lined, float boat fly-fishing, golf and a lot of hiking. Mountain biking was also available at both places. We had a blast! I was surprised to see how busy the town of Whitefish was, more so than the ski season. Is this something that we could do as a club? We wouldn’t even have to go out west as Boyne Highlands has all of these events as well as some neat little wineries in the area to tour. If this is something you would like the club to pursue please let us know.

Remember to join us for the fall events before we get into ski season. Check out the dates in the newsletter for happy hours and biking event. This has been an awesome addition to the activities the club provides and allows us to keep in touch the entire year. I hope to see you all at the banquet!