President's Message for March 2015

Julie's Jive

As I write this, I am pack-ing for South Lake Tahoe and can’t wait to get there!!  Dick has some great skiing planned with many options.  A group of us are planning to ski at Kirkwood on Monday, Northstar on Tuesday (with a chili cook off to follow), Heavenly on Wednesday (with lunch on the hill) and Squaw on Thursday.  At the pre-trip meeting, Scott Stilp gave us all a great summary of the restaurants in this area—so we’ll have to fit that in too.  As you are reading this, we will have returned from Tahoe - hopefully all in one piece!

Our Boyne Weekend Trip is the very next weekend after we return from South Lake Tahoe.  Sheri Gardapee is the trip leader and her husband, Al, is the assistant trip leader.  Contact either of them if you are interested in going (even though it will be very short notice, they may be able to find a spot for you if you really want to go).

The Chicago Metropolitan Ski Council will be conducting their 2015 Seminar on May 16, 2015.   Dick Wortiska will be the coordinator for the seminar again this year. 

A couple of notes:  1) The board is going to stay away from requesting the Lamers’ buses with the tables in the back for playing cards.  These buses do not have working bathrooms or working DVD players because they are so old.  Other options may be investigated.  2)  We are going to include a “Tip” in the Newsletter.  The “tips” will be linked to the FAQ page on the Website, so all tips will be in one spot.

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