President's message March 2014

Julie's Jive

Happiness is Skiing!!  People have been enjoying the Gelandesprung Ski Club for 44 years and counting. To celebrate we would like to have a 45th anniversary party at the fall banquet. We are creating a “45th anniversary committee” and have tentatively set the banquet date of October 10th. If anyone is interested in helping plan the party, please contact our Historian/Newsletter Editor, Brian Fowle.

Our final trip for the season is to Searchmont, Canada. To cross the border into Canada, we will need our passports. What we don’t need is to bring any extra alcohol along with us into Canada in our suitcases. Our bus company, Lamers, has told us that the border patrol has been asking for lists of the alcohol on the buses — which our trip leader, Brian Fowle will be prepared to show. Please do not pack any extra in your suitcases. If the patrol has any suspicion, they may detain us & go through every piece of luggage on the bus.

A couple of things to look for in the future is:

  1. We are working on “job descriptions” for each board/volunteer position. This may help people run for our open Vice President and Treasurer positions at our Spring Banquet in April.
  2. The board has decided that yearly dues will be $25.00 per person (it had been $25.00 (each) for couples and $30.00 for singles). The membership form is being updated to reflect this change for the Spring Banquet.
  3. The Sly Foxes are going to a Timber Rattler game on June 27th. Please go to their website to find more information about this outing.

See you skiing! --Julie