President's message June 2014

Julie's Jive

Our “Out West” Trip will be to Lake Tahoe from February 21-28, 2015!

We are still working on our mid-west trips—so stay tuned! There was a lot of information to be had from the trip to the Chicago Metropolitan Ski Council (CMSC) this year.  Those who went came back with many great ideas.  We will try to implement some of them this year.  For instance, the new board has set some objectives for the year and we need your help to complete them.  

We would like to establish committees for:

  1. Marketing our club chaired by our Social Event Coordinator, Adam Hanson.  We would like a plan in place in June.
  2. Investigate a family day-trip in collaboration with "The Crew" from Green Bay, chaired by the President, Julie Steltz.  We would need this to be done by July.
  3. Editing our Bylaws chaired by our Vice President, Gary Austin, to be completed in August.
  4. Investigate PayPal for our members to pay via the website chaired by our Treasurer, Jeanine Bosdech.  Completion is planed in Fall sometime.
  5. Updating our website chaired by our Secretary, Judy Van Caster.  An on-going process with Sheri Gardapee.

We would work around your schedules regarding meeting times.  If you have any inter-est, please contact the chairs noted for each activity.  Our e-mails can be found at the end of this Newsletter.  Any help you can give us to enhance the Gelandesprung Ski Club would be greatly appreciated. 

We have set dates for monthly meetings throughout the year.  Please go to the website to find out when they will be held.  Please come and join us!  

Be sure to sign up for the Alaskan Cruise taking place the week of September 13-20. The sign-up will be closed on June 24th.  

This year we are working on our marketing strategies—please don’t forget to wear your Gelande’Gear around town.