President's message December 2013

Julie's Jive

Gelandesprung Ski Club likes snowThe ski season is almost here & I’m hoping for lots of snow to be here
soon too!! As of the last count, we have 19 people signed up for Marquette
Day Trip, 25 for Boyne and 35 for Searchmont, so there are still
seats available on all these trips. The Sly Fox Western trips are closed
and they are taking names on a waiting list. … their Big Snow trip is also
closed. Marquette Weekend trip has 31 people signed up so far.

Frank Wickham and Mike Bast are the trip leaders for Marquette’s Day
on December 28th. Their theme is “Ugliest Holiday Sweater/Shirt”.

Al & Sheri Gardapee are the Trip Leaders for Boyne and they have decided
on a “Cat” theme on February 21-23.

Brian & I (Julie) are Trip Leaders for Searchmont which will have the
“The Mole Returns” like what was done a number of years back.

For those who were on the Whitefish train trip last year, don’t forget
about your $100.00 credit. This can be deducted from the last check
you send in for your trips this year. Ron has had to send a couple of
people money back since they didn’t take the credit into account.

To promote our Ski Club, Sheri Gardapee offered the following suggestion:
One way to advertise our trips is by clicking the Facebook button on the top
of the page of each trip on the website, and then add a message to it. This
will post to your personal Facebook news feed which will be seen by all your
friends. If everyone in the club would do this (who has a Facebook account),
that would help advertise to people outside of our club.

Think snow & I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!