How To Get Up After a Fall Without Taking Off Your Skis

Every skier falls and the fact that you fall is nothing to be embarrassed about. Here  is a quick, easy and graceful way to get back up without taking off your skis.

There will be times when you fall all jumbled but if your skis have not released maneuver yourself so you are sitting across the hill with your skis together and across the fall line.

Remove your hands from the pole straps and place both ski poles in front of your chest with the tips in the snow next to your uphill thigh, just above the knee. Place one hand on top of the ski pole grips and the other hand on the poles just above the baskets.
This is the “ready” position as in ready to get up. The trick to getting up effortlessly from the ‘ready’ position is to lean your chest forward toward the tips of your skis through the entire movement.

If you remove the skis on the hill, point them across the hill, perpendicular to the fall line, and stand next to them on the uphill side. Use your poles for support and step into the downhill binding first. Keeping your weight on the downhill ski, roll the ski on to its edge so that it grips in the snow, then step into the uphill binding.

Watch the youtube video of this demonstration.