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Donny Steffens Award

About Donny Steffens

Donny Steffens was a long-standing member of the Gelandesprung Ski Club.  He was an avid skier, and so well liked.  It was a huge loss to us, not to mention his loved ones, when he passed in a plane accident in 2008.  The club established the Donny Steffens award in his memory, as well as bought a bench that is located on Mountain Bay State Trail.

Description and Criteria Needed to Win

The Donny Steffens Award is a plague engraved with the name of the person who has skied the most during the season.  It is determined at the Spring Banquet and is awarded at the Fall Banquet.

You must have skied the most days on Gelandesprung trips.  (This means signing up and participating on the trip.) If there are multiple people who tie for the most days skied on Gelandesprung trips, the days skied on the Sly Fox trips are tallied. If two or more people
remain in a tie after tallying Gelandesprung and Sly Fox trips, then the people that tie will be co-winners of the award.

(The winner needs to bring the plaque along with them to the Spring Banquet so the next winner can be added.) 



Donny Steffens & Charlie MineauDonny & Ski Club Girls


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Gelandesprung Meaning


a jump, usually over an obstacle, in which one plants both poles in the snow in advance of the skis, bends close to the ground, and propels oneself chiefly by the use of the poles.


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